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  • Gaurav Khemka

Back to school with Fizz-ics 101! 🍹

Fizz-ics 101

Chapter 1: Why do we love fizz?

While having flat water helps us hit our senses of taste (and maybe smell), sparkling water helps us engage our all our other senses - our eyes, ears and sense of touch. Research suggests that the sensation produced by the carbonation irritates pain receptors in the mouth, producing a mildly painful stimulus and this is similar to the feeling we get while eating spicy food. It's also why we keep coming back for more. 

Chapter 2: Should be I worried if I crave the fizz?

Wait, what? No! Of course not! Unless.. you like to satisfy your cravings with sugar, sodium filled varieties of soft drinks or tonic waters. If your go-to fizzy drink is Polka Pop (refreshing and unsweetened), you are okay! In fact, Polka Pop can hydrate you as much as still water.

So, this experiment you were talking about? 

Alright, this one is simple. I sincerely believe that once you move to Polka Pop, you cannot go back to sugary fizzy drinks. It feels, icky?!  And I'm willing to test it out. 

There's 3 easy steps to conduct this experiment. 

  1. Get yourself a pack of 12 (or 24) of Polka Pop

  2. Have 1 Polka Pop a day and don't have any sugary drinks during this time. (If you have a house party, this is a great replacement to your mixers as well!) 

  3. Have a sugary soft drink after the 2 weeks. Tell me how you react to the taste of liquid sugar trickling down your throat! 

  • If you shoot and send us a reaction video of you drinking the sugary drink, your next box (12 or 24, per your last purchase) of Polka Pop is on us!

  • If you send me a picture of your reaction while drinking the sugary stuff after 12 days, I shall share with you an exclusive 30% off on your next offer.

I'm excited about this experiment and I look forward to hearing from you. I'll be sharing a Google form next week for you to start submitting your videos & photos.  

May the odds be ever in your flavour,

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