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Get Mean Girl, get out of The Plastics.

The Plastic Armageddon is something that’s all too real. All of us have seen thin bags hanging onto plants, bottles crushed on the pavements. Pictures of cute little seals being choked by six-pack rings that tug at our heartstrings, that inspire a need to abracadabra the world into a cleaner, better place which fizzles out the very second our attention moves onto something else. But for some of us, the better of us, the need for improvement and a dream of a cleaner world burrows into our bones, a spark that catches and burns bright. One of these people, Bhagyashree Bhansali Jain, sat down with us to talk about her spark.

Bhagyashree is the founder of The Disposal Company, India’s first Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to reducing plastic waste. Based in New Delhi, they help subsidize the ethical recovery and safe disposal of plastic waste which would otherwise end up in landfills, burned, or flushed into oceans. 

We had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Bhagyashree and listening to her explain everything she knows about creating a sustainable environment and how her team help other individuals and companies do the same.

The Circular Economy: The Solution to the Plastic Problem.

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation,”The circular economy is an economic system in which materials are designed to be used, not used up.  From the outset, products and the systems they sit within should be designed to ensure no materials are lost, no toxins are leaked, and the maximum use is achieved from every process, material, and component. If applied correctly, the circular economy benefits society, the environment, and the economy.

Translation, especially in terms of plastic use, its just making sure that the plastic in or used to package a product is recyclable, so it can be repurposed in the industry instead of disposed. The chemical composition of plastic is altered so a new product with an equally important use case can be made from it. PET bottles are often repurposed into polyester clothes, and milk pouches made of LDP (Low Density Polyethene) are recycled into granules used to make cow sheds and stationary.

The Seal of Sustainability.

The Disposal Company provides a Seal of Sustainability to companies that fund the recovery of disposed plastic equivalent to the amount of plastic they use in their operations, making the company Plastic Neutral

And yeah, we’ve got it! We have received the Seal of Sustainability, and we aim to make Polka Pop not only plastic neutral, but take a steep ahead and become Plastic Negative with The Disposal Company’s help.

Playing a part.

Now, how can you, as a part of the Polka Pop family, do your part?

You will see a little box in your Checkout page which allows to make your order Plastic Neutral. When you check the box, a small sum is added to your order. This is the amount we need to recover and recycle the PET plastic used in your order.

If you want to make a difference as an individual or a brand, you can also approach The Disposal Company for personalized plastic disposal solutions. We’ve linked their website below! 


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