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Our Promise to Mother Nature

One of our Core Values at Polka Pop is to be dedicated to protecting the environment. It wasn’t easy in the least but our founder Gaurav Khemka and the rest of the team took some tough calls and set certain measures along the course of creating, developing and manufacturing our product to ensure that we keep up our promise to Mother Nature. 

Why PET?

 We have made a conscious decision to choose PET plastic and not glass bottles (usually perceived as more premium) because the Greenhouse Gas emissions are lower across the lifecycle of the product. We spent a lot of time speaking to several leading experts in the field of waste management and have concluded that PET is widely recycled in India.  More than 60% (some reports even say close to 90%) of all PET is recycled actually. 

Say no to shrink 

Shrink wraps are often used to bind bottles together for transport and storage. Saying no to this extra layer of plastic is another way to be environmentally conscious. We don’t use shrink wraps, single use plastic or any LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) plastic at all, even though it’s 1/3 the cost, because they are not not recyclable. 

No boxes within boxes 

Yes we could have sent you a fancy printed box placed inside a shipping carton, but that would just generate double the waste. So, we made the decision to send you our bottles in just one sturdy cardboard box that is both reusable and recyclable. 

No effort is too small

Help us maintain our promise to Mother Nature by upcycling or recycling your Polka Pop bottles. Talk to your local Kabidiwallas. They can help you dispose you waste in the correct way. 

We hope this gives you a better understanding of our thought process. We’re still working on ways to make our brand even more environmentally conscious and if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them! 

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