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Pot or Kettle?

See, we get it. We understand. With the sudden influx of fizz choices, you’re confused! Like what’s this? WHAT ARE THOSE? It’s fizzy goodness everywhere and you don't get why they’re so different! No worries. We’re here to help.

Sparkling Water, or your bubbles with benefits, is what we are. It’s made by infusing carbon dioxide with water under high pressure, and this can happen naturally or artificially. And that’s it! Water with CO2 within it to make your tongue fizz, while the soda or colas you get off your shelves right now is carbonated water with increased carbon levels and salts and minerals such as sodium chloride, potassium sulphate, and so on, used for enhancing the flavour of the soda.

Fizz, by itself? Harmless. Certain soft drinks may have higher carbonation levels compared to sparkling water, and higher carbonation levels result in a more acidic drink. But sparkling water tends to have lower carbonation levels, which gives us a pH range of 3.5 to 6, which is the same as any naturally occuring citric acid out there that is completely safe for human consumption. Fizz in itself is just air and not harmful, and can help with digestion, for when you’re feeling gassy and need some relief.

Another health hazard when it comes to fizzy drinks is the erosion of bones. Studies have proved that the steady consumption of soft drinks has been linked to weaker bones over time. This is because of the presence of Phosphorous in these drinks. But once again, phosphorous is added to the aerated water for preservation purposes. So sparkling water on it’s own? Doesnt have it. No phosphoric salts? Check.

Now, the most common argument for discouraging fizzy drinks is the weight gain aspect. The beverage market is inundated with drinks that are chock full of added sugars and sweeteners, and they DO pose a big risk to the health of a person. Sparkling water on its own though? It’s completely calorie free. The calorific intake of sparkling water is the sam was plain water, that is to say, none.

So, we can safely say sparkling water provides the hydration you need without the ill causing sugars and chemicals. So you dont have to miss out on the fizz if you ever decide to cut down on the sugar anymore. Pop’s here for you.


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