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Sippin' Sober: Gen Z's evolved Social Scene

Alcohol is not the answer. Alcohol is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer. 

But Gen z believes otherwise...

A noteworthy trend has emerged among the Gen Z— a generation characterised by its distinct tastes and preferences.

In a surprising departure from societal norms, an increasing number of Gen Z individuals are opting to navigate social scenes without the routine consumption of alcohol. This deliberate shift in behaviour raises intriguing questions about the factors shaping their choices. 

"Sobercurious" as they like to call it simply means choosing not to consume alcohol that signals a decision driven by personal or wellness reasons. It encourages an exploration into the motivations behind your choice and a contemplation of how alcohol impacts the various aspects of your life.

A 20 year old student studying in Nift Delhi was asked the same question and her answer was a testament to the new age thinking. 

"I honestly don't believe in drinking your problems away. Sure, a drink or two in special occasions may be fine but I prefer non-alcoholic drinks over Alcoholic ones. I mean- how do you even like the taste? Many of my friends don't consume it either" 

This rising trend among Gen z involves various factors. The first one being, some have generational trauma associated with drinking and believe they wouldn't want to follow in the footsteps of their families. Secondly, month-long sobriety challenges like Sober October and Dry January have encouraged people to reevaluate their alcohol use. Some also try to break habits like drinking without thinking or drinking socially just because everyone else does. Another reason could be they have the desire to be in control of their experiences and have better awareness of mental health and how alcohol can impact mental health. 

Gen Z stands out from older generations in how little alcohol is used as a refreshment or to elevate meals. This difference in alcohol consumption implies that, for Gen Z, alcohol is more of a special indulgence, whereas older generations view it as a routine and calming refreshment. The social scene has changed. Mocktails are the new must-have, with creative concoctions boasting complex flavours. The focus has shifted from intoxication to socialising and having fun, with games, activities, and genuine connection taking centre stage. It's a party scene that's all about good vibes, minus the next-day blues.

In the absence of alcohol, Gen Z finds liberation, fostering connections and experiences that transcends the conventional norms. They are embracing a future where choices are driven by clarity and purpose, laying the foundation that prioritises mindful living above all else.

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