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How we discovered Polka Pop all while flirting with the Fizz

This is why when Gaurav went to do his masters in 2018 to the US, he was very surprised to see people there sipping on a fizzy drink called flavoured sparkling water. It was fizzy, flavourful and without sugar or sweeteners, wait what?! He absolutely loved it, but it seemed too good to be true. And it is, as long as you don’t add any unnecessary ingredients (sweeteners, for instance!). When he went looking for this in India, he realized that the Indian market had 0 options for 0 sugar, sweetener drinks and that’s when he decided to take this fizz-ness in his own hands.

He spent a lot of time surveying and interviewing potential customers, trying out various different drinks in the market (He actually has a corner in his room with almost every fizzy drink cleaned out and kept for reference), prototyping his product and getting people to try it. In late January 2021, Polka Pop was born with 4 flavours - Lemon-Lime, Orange, Peach and Cranberry.​​

While Polka Pop today is still young and is in the process of showing people that they can have their fizz and drink it too! While we are building our team of passionate, health-conscious fizzy-cists (last one, I promise) to grow Polka Pop into a clean-label , we are also building a community of people who can lead happier, healthier and fun-ner lives.

Our mission is to make healthy living fun, accessible and not your second choice. We are committed to changing the way the beverage shelf looks for the better and fill it up with cleaner, better for you drinks. We are also aware that we use packaging for our consumable products and working towards becoming a plastic negative company - truly better for you and the planet.
We are grateful to be a partner in your journey to lead a healthier and happier life!

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