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Why partner with Polka Pop?

Partnering with Polka Pop Sparkling Water in India offers distributors and retailers a unique opportunity due to its growing popularity and strong brand presence. Known for high-quality ingredients and a variety of flavors, Polka Pop attracts health-conscious consumers seeking premium sparkling water options. Competitive pricing, promotional support, and exclusive territories can help maintain attractive profit margins. Additionally, the growing sparkling water market in India presents a significant growth opportunity. With logistical support, training, and a focus on sustainability, a partnership with Polka Pop can be mutually beneficial, driving sales and catering to evolving consumer trends.

Our Products

4 flavours - Lemon, Orange, Peach and Cranberry

assorted pack .jpeg

6.1m Like

Assorted Sparkling Water

4.8 (1201 Reviews)


8.3m Like

Lemon-Lime Sparkling

4.4 (982 Reviews)


6.7m Like

Orange Sparkling Water

4.7 (873 Reviews)


Cranberry Sparkling Water

7.6m Like

4.5 (1489 Reviews)

Distributor Benefits


Extensive on-ground support


100% Damage Policy


Low upfront investment starting at 50k


New Retailer Leads every month & Upto 10% distributor margins

Retailer Benefits


Competitive margins when

compared to the industry


Marketing support to

increase store footfall


100% Damage Policy


Attractive Purchase

Schemes & Extensive Marketing Support 


We've partnered with Polka Pop for 1.5 years and it's been a fantastic experience. The team is excellent, the product is a disruptor in its category with strong customer demand, and its packaging stands out on shelves. We're excited about its growth potential in the coming months and years.

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