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Decoding the Polka Pop label

 What goes into a bottle of Pop?

A close look at any drink picked off the shelf of a grocery store have an ingredient list, and most of the time? We can spot water among a sea of incomprehensible chemical names, a bunch of sugar and flavouring agents. But Polka Pop? We have just two. Let’s break them down.

Carbonated water:

Well, this one is easy. Carbonated water is simply water infused with carbon dioxide, which makes it fizzy. It’s slightly more acidic than plain water, due to the formation of trace amounts of carbonic acid during the carbonation process. This is completely safe to consume, as teh pH level of sparkling water is higher than even lactic and citric acid, which is completely safe to consume.

Natural Flavour:

Natural Flavours are flavours or aromas that are chemically extracted from natural sources that are plant or animal based, like fruit, herbs, leaves and spices. They are later enhanced manually. These have no sugar, calories, and are not harmful chemical compositions.

Annnd that’s it! Polka Pop is that easy to decode. You get what you read (and can pronounce). But remember, always consult a doctor for allergies or consumption related queries. And of course, you can always get in touch with us for questions you need answers for!

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