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  • Gaurav Khemka

Mistletoe’s Kiss


  • Special Christmas Simple Syrup - 30-45 ml

  • Lemon Juice - 10 ml

  • Peach Polka Pop - 120 ml

  • Loose Pomegranate

  • Orange Slices - 1

  • Lemon Slices - 3

  • Ice


  • For the Special Christmas Simple Syrup, boil equal parts of water & sugar over a low flame. As the sugar begins to mix in the water, add fresh rosemary, star anise & cinamon sticks to the water. Keep stirring till the sugar entirely dissolves. Let it cool down and soak for 5-7 minutes. Remove the herbs, and let it cool down before refridgerating it. Your simple syrup is ready!

  • Pour the Special Christmas Simple Syrup, lemon juice in a glass filled with ice & stir well

  • Top it up with Peach Polka Pop.

  • Add the pomegranate, orange & lemon slices as garnish to get a nice, colourful Christmas mocktail

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