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A drink so good, you go WTF?!*

India's first homegrown flavoured Sparkling Water brand



Zero Calories

No Sugar, No Sweeteners,
No Preservatives

Natural Flavours

Safe for Diabetics

Replace Sugary Fizz

Get it in 10-15 minutes!

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933 x 587.png

Order Directly from Polka Pop!

Quench your thirst for refreshment with Polka Pop's exciting flavours! 
Now, you can conveniently order your favorite flavours directly from our mini-store. Visit the link here to explore our collection and have the fizzy delight delivered to your doorstep.

You can also order directly from


How to Polka Pop


Have with your meal

Use as mixer

“This is my absolute favourite flavour of the lot! So fresh and light, it amps up every moment be it meal time or movie time!”

Sadia M



Can't get enough?

​Try our Subscription!

Never run out of POLKA POP and get the best discounts on every order! FREE shipping on all orders and make changes with a simple text!

Get 10% off on all subscription orders. Fill up the form below and our team will get in touch with you to set up your own subscription plan! 

In the News


The current Indian beverage shelf, including 'diet' drinks, comes with long-term health concerns. At Polka Pop, we are working on building a clean beverage brand where taste & health go hand-in-hand.

Polka Pop’s sparkling waters have zero calories, no preservatives or sweeteners (just natural fruit flavours), are keto-friendly and have just the right amount of flavour to keep you coming back for a bottle, without any guilt.

A government press release said the second edition of TANSEED Scheme attracted 640 online applications which were subjected to a rigorous four stage selection process involving bootcamp, pitching and it resulted in final selection of 19 start-ups by a high-level jury.

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