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  • Gaurav Khemka

We're talking trash today!

I'm excited to write to you as this is a topic that is very personal to me - the circular economy.

I get asked this question a lot - Why didn't you go with glass bottles? The simple answer is though counterintuitive, PET is the more sustainable material out there for Carbonated beverages!

Why is PET more Sustainable?

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions - GHG emissions across the lifecycle of PET bottles are lower than glass or aluminium cans. This is because the energy required to produce, collect & recycle aluminium or glass is higher than that for PET. 

  • High Recycling Rates - The PET recycling ecosystem is very robust in India with recycling rates pegged upwards of 60%. Polka Pop uses a high-quality(read heavy), transparent PET bottle making it more attractive to recycle. 

How does this relate to Polka Pop? 

Systems around waste disposal are very difficult to perfect and segregation of waste at source is the most important step to address that! If possible, you can hand them over the segregated dry waste (plastic, paper & metal) to your local kabadiwalla

As a company, we've taken this up as a part of our responsibility. We've partnered up with The Disposal Company which sources and recycles PET waste that would otherwise go into the landfill on our behalf. We've recycled 68KGs of PET so far and we feel good about it! We want to get to a point where we recycle more than 100% of the PET plastic we and our customers use during the month & achieve net plastic neutrality!

You can be part of the solution

You will see a little box at your checkout page that allows you to make your purchase Plastic Neutral, i.e., recover and recycle the PET plastic used in your order. The amount is not much, but the impact you have is great.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this. To make this worth your while, I shall drop in two recommendations every week. I hope you enjoy them! 

May the odds be even in your flavour,Gaurav Khemka

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